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Being fearless.

I do fear a lot of things, but not when it comes to software development. I’m not ever afraid to try something new, and I doubt that I ever will be. I have come to learn that this is less common than one might think, that some software developers really feel uneasy about stepping out of their comfort zone into the unknown, something which I can’t even begin to understand as professional software development is essentially solving interesting problems for a living.

If you throw something at me that I’ve never even been close to doing before and ask if I can do it then I will almost always answer with yes as that is the great thing with software… almost everything is possible given enough time and money.

This is what has let me work on some truly amazing projects with some really amazing results. It has let me do things that “can’t be done”, it has let me learn new technologies that have made me better at all kinds of development I do and it has let me stay ahead of boredom.

It has been the way I have always been, ever since first starting to learn to code… and I doubt it will ever change since my biggest asset as a developer is that I do pick things up incredibly fast and I almost always end up landing on my feet no matter how large the challenge.

As such my recommendation to developers out there would be to not fear doing the unknown… It will pay off eventually provided you make sure to learn the basics and you just go with it.