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Finds of the week.

I haven't done this previously, but it seems to be all the rage among some of the bloggers I follow, so I wanted to try it out. These are the top things that caught my interest on the internet this week:

Game on ladies: http://flygirlgamers.com/game-on-ladies/

The story of a man logging into his wife's gamertag. I find it pretty scary that some game communities still have these issues. I have seen similar problems in some games I've played, but not quite as extreme as these. I think that the most interesting community to watch these days is the League of Legends community as Riot are doing very interesting things to fight harassment and bad player behaviour… and based on this I really don't want to get into Xbox Live.

Are pointers and arrays equivalent in C? http://eli.thegreenplace.net/2009/10/21/are-pointers-and-arrays-equivalent-in-c/

This was a quite interesting piece on those little technical details of C that I find so very interesting. The detail was pretty amazing and as such I think it was very educational.

What every web developer must know about URL encoding: http://blog.lunatech.com/2009/02/03/what-every-web-developer-must-know-about-url-encoding

I think this was very impressive, and I think that not only "web developers" need to read this, I think it applies to anyone who ever touches a URL programmatically.

Both true and false: a Zen moment with C: http://markshroyer.com/2012/06/c-both-true-and-false/

This was also an interesting study in how an uninitialized bool can be both true AND false at the same time in C.

jor1k: OR1000 Javascript Emulator Running Linux: http://s-macke.github.io/jor1k/

This is from the "Really cool that it is possible" file. Not super-useful but incredible in terms of the technology. It is a sure sign that Atwood's law still holds true.

These were my favourite things of the week. To follow these things live I would recommend you to head over to Twitter where I post these things as I find them.